Welcome …

… to Comparative Mediation – a new blog, that  is committed to developing and enhancing the mediation know how worldwide. It will provide information for individuals as well as organizations to study similarities and differences between mediation approaches of different countries and it is intended to initiate research projects. If you do have any suggestions or comments just let us know.

A few aspects to look forward to:

  • News about mediation
  • Interviews with experts
  • Book Reviews
  • Event notes

Let’s work on best practice of mediation!

André Niedostadek


Prof. Dr. André Niedostadek, LL.M. is the editor of this blog. As a trained mediator and Professor of Law at Hochschule Harz (Germany) his research interest covers interdisciplinary aspects of mediation.

2 thoughts on “Welcome …

    • I agree that professional cooperation is important. I have visited recentley New York and attanded an evening kecture and discussion of The Mediators Beyond Borders – Held at Jey college. It was intresting To find out that American mediators suffers from The same problems AS Israeli MEDIATORS – Mainley – lack of work in Mediation and more work in The teaching of Mediation.

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