Mediation in Turkey – Five Questions to … Neşe Önder

Nearly one year ago a new Mediation Act came into force in Turkey. Neşe Önder explains some key aspects.

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Mediating loan cases? A new project in Kenya has been launched

In an article for allAfrica Lola Okulo pointed out that in Kenya Bankers have established a mediation centre to help reduce the number of court cases and save time and money spent on settling disputes.

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Five Questions to … Gernot Barth / Germany

Providing information about mediation and establishing a new magazine is a challenging task. Gernot Bath, co-editor of the German-speaking “Die Wirtschaftsmediation – Fachmagazin für Unternehmen und öffentliche Verwaltung” (Business Mediation – Magazine for Business and Public Administration) explains the idea behind this journal. Continue reading